In these modern times ayahuasca is being used all over the world by a diversity of people in many different ways for many purposes. These include working with Trauma and recovering  from addiction, working with the symptoms like depression and anxiety and the root of them, and a deeper connection and understanding of our life and inner-self. As a powerful tool of self growth, spiritual development, and connection with the sacred, the ancient tradition from the amazon rainforest has arrived into western society with a deep impact on people’s life.

This wave is mixing 2 cultures, in this process both worlds are learning from the experience. From the cosmovision and healing procedures and methods of the native shamanism to the new illnesses and medications of the modern western world, these are only a few examples where this encounter demands the big challenge of tranfer this ancient wisdom with respect,integrity and safety.

Right in the middle, Ayahuasca Tulum is a bridge, to give the right space, people and support for your ayahuasca experience as a passionate team with a wide experience in Ayahuasca healing and all the elements that involve the organization of the ritual.

Since we arrive to the Mayan Riviera zone and stablished in Tulum area in 2011, we advocate to the mission to provide the proper set and setting, starting with the health consultation and diet reccomendations prior to the ritual and providing the proper space and time for your Ayahuasca journey, always with the support and care of the shaman and our team, in the most traditional way of healing, as in the non-touristic amazon rainforest comunities where the shaman still consults personally each patient and applies a custom treatment based on their patients unique needs, the ceremony is guided by the Onaya Jesus Metsa Ino in the most traditional way of healing with the icaro songs and other ancestral and modern healing methods as well, and the proper post treatment care and integration support that are very important part for positive results.

We only work and specialize on the Ayahuasca healing tradition. On indigenous context, to develop the knowledge and wisdom to guide Ayahuasca ceremonies takes several years of constant training and experience to learn the use of one single plant medicine, hence we do not offer any other plant medicines, subtances or mixed practices and traditions, our main purpose and responsibility is the people’s health ensuring a safe process in tune with the ancestral cultural heritage of each indigenous nations in balance with a integral modern health care.

It took many centuries for the indigenous nations and cultures to develop the right protocols and methods of diagnose and treatment with the Ayahuasca and other healing plants on humans, hence we consider mixing other plant medicines and rituals from a different ecological and cultural context a risk to the health, a lack of respect to the cultures and an irresponsible unethical and risky practice prioritizing business over human health and integrity.

We do not offer Ayahuasca “retreats” or “experiences”, filled with other plants, substances, or ceremonies of other practices and/or tours, neither any animal is exploited or any plant is endangered and over harvested and exploited irresponsibly on our practice, on a proper Ayahuasca practice there no need of other animals, plants and/or other practices or touristic attractions and folklore shows. Ayahuasca is a liquid that is drinkable,not a paste, a dust, a dry plant that is smoked or sniffed, be aware as is not the same and we don’t offer any alternatives, analogs or similar substances, only the real Ayahuasca brew harvested and prepared by us and custom made and administered for each person, as each person is unique, there no such a thing of an standard way of ceremony, preparation, dosing and process and integration process, we offer unique attention of each person after previous consultation.

We do not import ayahuasca, we produce our own, only this way we can provide the highest quality and safest brew knowing what we are providing from the beginning to the end of the production process which is a crucial part of the practice to guarantee safety and quality and effectiveness of the Aya.

We offer custom programs (dietas) and treatments with Ayahuasca only, specially developed for each person based on our guest’s unique needs and intentions, working on each person at a time at each people rhythm, times, and evolution during their very own Ayahuasca journey and life path.

Instead of offer false expectations and pretentious advertising, we invite you to have your very own and unique personal journey with ayahuasca.

Guests from all around the world with any religions, beliefs, practices,  philosophy, visions and life paths are welcome to this space that is yours, we would love to be part of your ayahuasca journey.


Ayahuasca Tulum Shipibo Team