In these modern times ayahuasca is being used all over the world by a diversity of people in many different ways for many purposes. These include recovering from addiction and depression, healing from trauma, creating inspiration for artists, or for simple curiosity that leads to a deeper connection and understanding of life and inner-self. As a powerful tool of self growth, spiritual development, and connection with the sacred, the ancient tradition from the amazon rainforest has arrived into western society producing a huge wave of change.

This wave is mixing 2 cultures, in this process both worlds are learning from the experience.From the cosmovision and healing procedures and methods of the native shamanism to the new illnesses and medications of the modern western world, these are only a few examples where this encounter demands the big challenge of tranfer this ancient wisdom with respect,integrity and safety.

Right in the middle, Ayahuasca Tulum is a bridge, to give the right space, people and support for your ayahuasca experience as a passionate team with a wide experience in Ayahuasca healing and all the elements that involve the organization of the ritual.

We provide the proper set and setting,starting with the health counseling and diet previous to the ritual and providing the right space and time for your aya ceremony,always with the support and care of the shaman and our team, in the most traditional Shipibo way of healing, as in the non-touristic amazon rainforest comunities where the shaman still consults personally each patient and applies a custom treatment, the ceremony is guided  by the icaro songs performed by the shaman and other traditional shipibo healing methods as well, and the proper post treatment care and integration work.

Rooted in the most traditional shipibo way of ceremony and cosmovision we honor this culture opening a space in Tulum for them to come and stay at a community home or Shobo (house in shipibo language) for our shipibo’s families and friends that come here to share healing, wisdom and art and handcrafts, so periodically we have shipibo shamans and artists at home visiting and taking part in the ceremonies.

Guests from all over the world with any religion, belief, philosophy and vision are welcome to our ceremonies,we would love to be part of your ayahuasca experience.


Ayahuasca Tulum Shipibo Team




Ayahuasca vine slice over Shipibo handcraft art
Ayahuasca vine slice over Shipibo handcraft art