Onaya is the medicine man or woman in the Shipibo language, also know as “shaman” (a word derived from tungusic language) in modern culture.

Onaya Jesus Rodríguez 

Jesus was born in a family with an indigenous shamanic lineage of many generations, he first learned the traditional medicine from his mother at an early age. He was trained in the shipibo tradition with the grade of Onaya in Perú by Onaya shamans of the Yarinacocha Lagoon in Pucalpa.

He is the resident shaman that guides all the group and private ceremonies and also prepares the ayahuasca brew here in Tulum where he also lives.

He integrates perfectly the modern health care conditions and points of view with the ancient indigenous cosmovision and healing methods with a wide experience with the use of ayahuasca in rehab centers facilities,ethno-medicine reseach and retreats in México, Perú and Europe. He speaks english, spanish and native shipibo and quechua languages.

Jesus guides the ceremonies in a very traditional way with the shipibo icaro songs performed live and he personalizes the treatment for each participant in the group ceremonies and specially in private ceremonies, setting special diets, varying the aya brews and incorporating many native healing techniques to the ritual.

He starts the consultation at the first email exchange and reads your personal information in order to prepare your treatment prior to the ceremony. Feel free to get in contact with your current situation and intentions for your ayahuasca ceremony.