Natural Reservation of Tulum México
Natural Reservation of Tulum México

Shobo in Shipibo language means Home

The ceremony place is a crucial part of the Ayahuasca Ritual.

In our quest to recreate the most traditional experience as in the Peruvian amazon rainforest, we found our spot in the Natural Reserve of Tulum.

Situated a few minutes out of Tulum’s touristic area away from noisy and crowded places in an isolated beach surrounded only by the pristine mayan jungle in a place where a lagoon meets the sea, a place similar to the Yarinacocha Lagoon in Perú where the Shipibos live, our ceremony place is a nature’s healing temple.

As traditionally in shamanism there are some sacred places with a very special energy suitable for ritual and healing practices, and the onaya shaman found this secluded space that turns out to be a sacred place for the mayan culture too. There is also some small ruins amongst the plants of this magic jungle sorrounding this area.

With a beautiful beach full of birds and other animals, sometimes we are also blessed by turtles nesting or hatching during the ceremonies, along with the peaceful sound of the sea creates the perfect background landscape for the ayahuasca healing ritual.

We have been working on this place for many years being blessed by this sacred site, we feel honored and thankful to take care and preserve this temple.