Oni in Shipibo Language is the name for the Ayahuasca brew.

The Ayahuasca preparation for our ceremonies takes place here in the Mayan Jungle of Tulum by our resident Onaya Jesus Metsa Ino.

This long and elaborated ritual demand extremely care that only the shaman can provide, with his wisdom and relationship with the spirits of the plants teachers, the ayahuasca brew get the rigth energy and high quality for our guests.

We feel fortunate and blessed to be the only place in Mexico to prepare the Ayahuasca brew in place by the shaman with freshly harvested plants, using the original species and recipes from the Amazon rainforest

Only this way the shaman can guarantee the quality, origin and purity of the ayahuasca, always having fresh brew for each ceremony and the capacity to produce special brews for custom treatments.

 Preparation ritual